Code Dev Tools

Code Dev Tools is free online tool which helps you to validate, format, minify, convert, encode decode, escape unescape, string utilities, security code generators and more.

  • Formatter is a online free tool which helps to validate and format your JSON, XML, HTML, CSS, Javascript and SQL data

  • It helps to allow three ways to give your input data

    1. Enter your data manually
    2. Browse a file locally
    3. Fetch the file from URL
  • You can either copy the result to your clipboard using the copy button or download it as a file to your device using the download button.

  • Easily you can search the tools with autocomplete option provider

  • Minifier helps to minify your JSON, XML, HTML, CSS, Javascript and SQL data

  • Converter helps to convert from one format to another like JSON, XML, HTML, Image, CSV and Excel

  • Escapes or unescapes tool helps to escaping the special characters like JSON, HTML, XML, CSV, SQL, C#, Java and Javascript.

  • Convert the encoded string into the decoded string like URL, Base64 and HTML.

  • Computes a digest from a string using HMAC and Hash Generator using MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384 and SHA512 algorithm.

  • Some of the String Utilties are

    1. Characters Count
    2. String Splitter
    3. Remove Duplicate lines
    4. Remove Empty Lines
    5. Remove Extra Spaces
    6. Uppercase and Lowercase
  • Some of the generators are

    1. Password Generator
    2. QR Code Generator