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About Base64 Encode and Decode Online Tool

  • Base64 Encode and Base64 Decode is a free online developer tool to convert text to Base64 or decode Base64 to text and it supports UTF-8 format.

  • You can either browse a file locally from your device, fetch it from the URL, or enter it manually.

  • This tool is split into two modes are Base64 Encode and Base64 Decode.

  • You can either copy the result to your clipboard using the copy button or download it as a file to your device using the download button.

Encode Base64

It converts text to Base64. Enter text in the input field, and the output Base64 will be displayed.

Decode Base64

It converts Base64 to text. Enter Base64 in the input field, and the output string will be displayed

Base64 Encode and Base64 Decode Online Example:

Below is an example of the Base64 Encode result.

Base64 Input:

Encoded Base64 Output: