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About SQL Escape and UnEscape Tool

  • SQL Escape and Unescape is a free online developer tool to escape unsafe characters in SQL statements to prevent SQL injection or unescape SQL statements to their original unsafe characters.

  • You can either browse a file locally from your device, fetch it from the URL, or enter it manually.

  • This tool is split into two modes are SQL Escape and SQL Unescape.

  • You can either copy the result to your clipboard using the copy button or download it as a file to your device using the download button.

Escape SQL

Escapes unsafe SQL statements by replacing all the single quotes to the double quotes.

  • Single Quote(') is converted to double quote(")

UnEscape SQL

Unescapes SQL statements to their original unsafe string by converting all the double single quotes to normal single quotes.

  • Double Quote(") is converted to single quote(')

SQL Escape and SQL UnEscape Online Example:

Below is an example of the SQL Escape result.

SQL Input:

Escaped SQL Output: